The "Dutch Carrier Pigeon Organization"  have produce a video on their recommendations on basketing and race preparations during the Corona Virus restrictions. You can view the video on Youtube here ...

or visit their web site for more info -> https://www.duivensportbond.nl/corona

Dutch Covid racing recommendations

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The Irish government have set out a roadmap for a phased lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.The plan lays out a staggered approach to lifting measures put in place to slow down the spread of the virus. The image below summarises the return to operations for sporting groups over the next few months.Note that the plan is tentative and is under constant review so check at gov.ie for latest info.



We are getting race sheets ready for the 2020 season so keep any eye out for changes over the next couple of weeks.

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Good luck for the 2020 racing season !!


Wind speed in mph at 300 ft elevation [windy.com] ...

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