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East CoastDesmond GuildeaEAST COAST Race Sheet 2019
East Down CombineTBCEAST DOWN COMBINE Race Sheet 2019
IHU National Flying ClubPatsy.DowlingIHUNFC Race Sheet 2019
INFCTrever ToppingINFC Race Sheet 2019
Irish South RoadM. ROCHEISRF Race Sheet 2019
Leinster North RoadJohn DobbsLEINSTER NORTH ROAD Race Sheet 2019
NIPAFred RussellNIPA Race Sheet 2019
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pigeonLink.com Club Registration

If you register as a club secretary at www.pigeonlink.com you gain access to many more tools allowing you to manage club memberships, flier and loft details - and easy distribution and display of race results.

The current subscription is €1.00 per club or fed member per year, with a minimum registration fee of €10. You have two easy ways to register your members - On-Line or "Off-Line".

If you want to download a copy of the Club Registration Form for completion "off line", view and print the Club Sign Up Form which you can find here.

Be also sure to download and read the Club Terms and Conditions which you can access here.

If you want to continue and register online, then follow these steps :
  • STEP 1 - Tell us if you are setting up a Federation/Combine or a Club.
  • STEP 2 - Give us your club details
  • STEP 3 - Select a payment option
    Subscriptions start with basic packages for a low cost €1 per member per year.
    There is a minimum subscription of €10 for clubs with 10 members or less.
  • STEP 4 - Review and confirm your subscription


Select your club type :

I am the Secretary
Leave this unchecked if you are not the Secretary of the Club or Federation being registered
You will need your Secretary's contact details to hand.

Yes - I accept the Web Site Terms and Conditions
Before proceeding, have you read and agree to the web site "Terms and Conditions"?
Your acceptance of the Web Site Terms and Conditions will be recorded as part of this registration.

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You need an active account to access all of the tools at pigeonLink.com.

You can register from here or if you already have an account you can login here ...


Registration with pigeonLink.com is a simple process, and once you create an account here you can

  • Manage lost rings or birds
  • Automatically receive information on lost rings or birds
  • Manage your own rings and birds online
  • Transfer rings or birds
  • Track your race results online

Registration is easy, and you can do that right away from here ...

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From here we will provide all you need to know about joining a club or federation in Ireland or the UK

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