What is PigeonLink ?

PigeonLink is your on-line pigeon club for the capture, formatting and presentation of pigeon club, ring and race information for registered pigeon fanciers, their clubs and federations. PigeonLink make the formatted information available to registered clubs and federations for presentation to members and for the creation of club statistics and league tables. PigeonLink do not independently verify the accuracy of any data input by club or federation secretaries or members.

Who can register?

www.pigeonlink.com is open for registration by individuals (fliers) or clubs, federations, combines or any other pigeon fancier group.

How does this work?

PigeonLink have licenced the Result-Assist software from DomainLeasehold.com to manage race results and present them on-line. We have a custom version of the software to help power the web site to allow other functions online such as club member management, member loft and ring details etc.

Will pigeonlink.com work with any browser?

Yes, pigeonlink.com is compatible with all recent versions of the major web browsers. The site is also accessible from other devices with a web browsing capability for example smart phones, gaming consoles etc.

Do I need a powerful computer to use pigeonlink.com?

No. pigeonlink.com requires very little in relation to computing power. I'm using a 10 year old computer now to view results and write this FAQ.

Is pigeonlink.com compatible with my Apple Macintosh?

Yes pigeonlink.com will work with your Mac.

Do I need any special software to use pigeonlink.com?

No, all you require is an internet browser. We recommend that club administrators may also require access to a PDF reader for some published club and results documents.

Why is this on the web?

Pigeonlink.com is 100% online and uses the Result-Assist online results management system. This allows you to get results anywhere, anytime. You don't have to download or install any software, and you don't have to wait for software updates or bug fixes.

Why don't I just use my PC for this?

You can - we'll even help you get your data from PigeonLink into a spread sheet or other database. But you should be aware that with a desktop PC it is your responsibility to backup your data, keep the software up to date, work around any hardware problems, print out or email everything to your club members - all the headaches you don't have if you are a PigeonLink club member. 

What about our members who don't have email or a computer?

Club members without an Internet connection or email can continue to interact with your club as usual. You, or someone in your members family, just need internet access and a printer to get the information for them.

Our club doesn't have email or a web site, can pigeonlink.com help?

Yes pigeonlink.com can arrange purchase and transfer of domain names along with support in setting up those services for your club. Please contact support@pigeonlink.com for more information on domain name services.

I sell pigeon supplies and products. Do you do advertising ?

Yes you can advertise at pigeonlink.com. We have three easy to use, flat rate plans and you can read more details over on our advertising page.

Do you have a template spreadsheet we can use to help with results input?

Yes PigeonLink have a spreadsheet you can download from the website over here which can be used to help with our results batch input tools.

We'd like to keep our existing website and use pigeonlink.com . Is this possible?

Yes, as a PigeonLink member you have the option to provide a link to pigeonlink.com from your main web site (e.g. a "Members Click Here" button) and a link from pigeonlink.com back to your club website. Another alternative is to embed pigeonlink.com content in your own web site - e.g. club race results. Please contact support@pigeonlink.com for more information on this.

Where is our website and data?

The pigeonlink.com servers are currently located on the west coast USA in highly secure commercial data centers providing maximum performance and redundancy. We also have backup servers in Ireland.

Who owns our data?

The terms of use for PigeonLink clearly state that all data is owned by the respective fancier or club. Club secretaries and loft owners can take their data at any stage and move to any other program or system with our help - for free. If you do upload ring or race results at least you know you will be able to take it away in a structured format at the end of your subscription.

I'm convinced, how do I join ?

Becoming a member is easy. For individual fliers, go to the registration page. For club secretaries who want to register a whole club or federation, you can register online or you can download a registration form to print and send later.

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